An angel among us…

Luis has touched so many people’s lives in many different ways. He has been an inspiration to us all, his courage, spirit, and “can’t lose” attitude was admirable. He was an amazing son, boyfriend, and friend, but most of all an amazing person. Always with a smile on his face, trying to help others, whom he felt needed it the most. Our organization could not have been possible without Luis. Luis was a fighter, and the type of person people could only aspire to be. Everyone could learn something from Luis, starting with his amazing thriller dance moves.

Life is the moments and the people, which we touch on our way

Luis loved and lived by this quote which describes what he believed life was all about. It is also what he dedicated his time too.  With simple words and gesture being the humble and generous person that he was, he would change anyone’s perspective in seconds, and would give anyone a lesson to be taken throughout their lives. Those who weren’t lucky enough to meet him didn’t experience the blessing that he was to all around him. So by having “Events for Change” will be our way to keep passing on what we all learned, and shared with Luis. It was simple as life is made to be lived and not half lived but fully… To the maximum and with much happiness! Now with this organization we can continue to keep Luis’s memory with us and his spirit alive.

Luis Cesar Olivera, August 11th, 2010